ISSN 1805-3386

April 6, 2020


2019 No.2

Development of Urban Electric Bus Drivetrain

Sivkov, O., Musalek, L., Novak, J., Novak, M., Chysky, J. and Novak. L.

The development of the drivetrain for a new series of urban electric buses is presented in the paper. The traction and design properties of several drive variants are compared. The efficiency of the drive was tested using simulation calculations of the vehicle rides based on data from real bus lines in Prague. The results of the design work and simulation calculations are presented in the paper.


Keywords: Electric Bus, traction battery, simulation calculation, drive concept.


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High Performance IIR Filter FPGA Implementation Utilizing SOS Microcode Core

Zoubek, O., Musil, T.

This paper discusses the methods of optimal IIR filter FPGA implementation. The methods are focused on the reduction of occupied resources and increasing data throughput. Higher demands on an internal controller complexity are successfully solved by utilizing programmable microcode controller. The novelty of SOS core and its capabilities are presented and different variants of SOS core are assessed. The workflow of IIR filter design using MATLAB considering rounded coefficient method is demonstrated.


Keywords: digital filters, FPGA, high throughput, IIR filter, microcode, MSOSps, Second Order Section.


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Summary of the Modern Wheel Slip Controller Principles

Pichlík, P.

Railway traction vehicles need to transfer high tractive effort from wheels to rails. The task is complicated because the maximum transferable force continuously changes during the train run, and the change can lead to the high wheels slip velocity or slippage. The effects are undesirable and must be prevented if it is possible or at least limited by slip controllers. There have been several slip controllers developed based on different principles with different degree of complexity and efficiency. The paper summarises principles of the slip control methods and brings their overview with the simulation of their behaviour.


Keywords: adhesion, railway, traction, wheel slip control.


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