ISSN 1805-3386

April 6, 2020


2019 No.1

Multiphysical Simulations Help to Ensure Assembled Printed Circuit Board and Power Components Reliability

Sedláø, T., Bachorec, T.

Higher integration and reduced dimensions of components and printed circuit boards lead to rise of demands in precise design of electrical system. Numerical simulation enables designer to spot and repair errors in the electrical system without expensive prototyping and measuring. The paper summarizes possibilities of multiphysical analysis focused on problems with printed circuit boards and electrical power components with software ANSYS.


Keywords: PCB, IGBT, Joule heat, thermomechanical stress, numerical analysis, ANSYS.


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Modernization of Experimental Electric Vehicle Drive System

Skarolek, P., Lettl, J.

Modernization consists of a new compact drive unit for the Citröen Berlingo Electrique electric vehicle. The drive unit integrates a power converter for the traction motor, a DC/DC low voltage converter, an on board charger and an electronic control unit (ECU). The new aircooled power converter is lightweight and more efficient due to a modern equipment used. The new ECU uses controller area network (CAN) to communicate with the power converters and also collects all the measured data that can be transferred in real-time during drive. This vehicle also currently provides a test and measurement platform for Master’s Degree students.


Keywords: vehicle, drive, converter, electronic control unit.


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Tram LC Filter Stabilization by Energy Storage System

Streit, L., Talla, J., Janda, M.

The paper is focused on the tram input LC traction filter stabilization by the Energy Storage System. The input LC filter is almost undamped resonant circuit which is mainly excited by the motor constant torque command. The tram during voltage drops increases the current flow from the LC filter to hold constant torque and thereby further decreases the LC filter voltage, and vice versa. This could lead to unstable traction drive behaviour. The Energy Storage System can be used to stabilize LC filter voltage.


Keywords: tram, traction, filter stability, supercapacitor, energy storage system.


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Magnetic Levitation – Modelling, Identification and Open Loop Verification

Honc, D., Sanseverino, E. R.

The paper describes a procedure using the first principle modelling and experimental identification of the Magnetic Levitation Model CE 152. It is a modified version of the paper [1]. The difference is that the identification and verification is done in open loop and constraints logic is added in the current paper. The author optimized and simplified dynamic model to a minimum to what is needed to characterize given system for the simulation and control design purposes. Only few open-loop experiments are needed to estimate the unknown parameters. Model quality is verified in open loop where the real and simulated data are compared. The model can serve as a simulation model for some standard control algorithms or as a process model for advanced control method design.


Keywords: magnetic levitation, maglev, first principle model, experimental identification, verification, feedback control.


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