ISSN 1805-3386

April 6, 2020


2017 No.4

Variable Speed Drives as Elements of IoTSP for Industry 4.0

Pavelková, N.

News from variable speed drives remote monitoring, parametrization, diagnostics; tuning and maintenance. Variable speed drives as a part of Industry4.0 and IoTSP (Internet of Things, Services and People). Vision of integrated industry. Intelligent use of data to optimize industry, utility and infrastructure operation and increase productivity and flexibility.


Keywords: Industry 4.0, IoTSP, monitoring, parametrization, tuning and diagnostics, ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor, Drivebase, Remote Condition Monitoring, Drivetune, frequency converters, motors.


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Heat Transfer Simulations of Sinusoidal Filter

Kořínek, J., Novák, J., Chyský, J.

This article covers various types of heat transfer simulations of a sinusoidal filter. First part is focused mainly on natural convection case including a detailed geometry thermal model of the sinusoidal filter considering air-flow in surroundings. Further, a comparison of the simplified and detailed geometries and their influences upon the final temperature field is presented. For a selected case of natural convection, comparison of two identical geometries in Ansys Fluent and StarCCM+ is showed. In the last part of this paper, results for the heat transfer simulation of the sinusoidal filter in a distributor case with active cooling are presented.


Keywords: choke, sinusoidal filter, ANSYS, STAR-CCM+, heat transfer, CFD, magnetism, natural convection, turbulence, cooling.


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Intelligent Protection of VSD Transformers

Brůha, M., Nilsen, T.

Variable Speed Drives (VSD) protect themselves as well as the driven motors. In contrast, the isolation input transformer typically requires its dedicated protection. Unlike distribution and power transformers, the protection of VSD duty transformers need to consider several additional aspects, such as non-sinusoidal current with harmonic content, multi-winding design, phase-shifted converter windings etc. This paper aims to explain the challenges related to protection of VSD transformers. A guideline for reliable transformer protection based on good design practice is proposed. Finally the possibility to integrate the transformer protection into the VSD protection scheme is being explored.


Keywords: transformer protection, phase shifting, Arc back, overvoltage transient, surge arresters, vacuum circuit breaker, variable speed drive (system).


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Analysis of Four Phase Interleaved Boost Converter

MKaščák, S., Praženica, M., Jarabicová, M., Koňarik, R.

This paper deals with analysis of the four phase interleaved DC-DC converter for higher power application. The interleaved topology is widely used due to its advantage as lower input current ripple which means volume reduction of the input capacitor. The current ripple equation of an input current for the boost operation mode and the ripple current in the individual phase of the interleaved converter using uncoupled inductor are shown. The theoretical equations are supplemented by the simulation results using the Spice simulator and by measurement on the interleaved converter.


Keywords: interleaved boost converter, uncoupled inductor, simulation, measurement.


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