ISSN 1805-3386

April 6, 2020


2015 No.2

Properties of Electro Discharge Machining with a Spinning Disc Tool System

Hošek, J., Drahokoupil, J.

We have developed a spinning disc tool system to test machining properties of such a tool to enhance the Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) process of hard and difficult to machine materials. We performed experimental machining tests with this disc tool system. We have measured and explained effects, which affect the stability of this electro discharge machining process with use of the spinning disc tool technique. We found out this system may speed up material removal rate of the EDM process, but its use for micromachining is limited by the tool wear.


Keywords: Electro Discharge Machining, spinning disc tool, erosion, stability.


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Influence of State of Charge Level on Frequency Control Reserve Provision by Energy Storage Systems

Košický, T., Kolcun, M., Beňa, Ľ.

Batteries in transmission grids can provide ancillary network services, such as primary frequency response, voltage control in network nodes or back up power. The Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is often the most limiting factor within their more extensive usage for the frequency control. Because of this it is necessary to adjust the system charging SoC and the performance of battery systems so that they fulfil the same requirements as those ones which are applied in case of conventional providers of primary frequency control. This article says more about the possibilities of using and stability of battery systems and their ability to be a part of the ancillary services providers.


Keywords: Ancillary services, frequency control, battery energy storage systems (BESS), battery charging (SoC).


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Power Systems: Synchronisation of Synchronous Generator in Engineering and Training Simulators

Neuman, P., Jirkovský, J.

The process models of simulators are developed on the basis of mathematical-physical analysis (”first principle” method) of the individual technological subsystems. The own-built library called “EnergySIM” was developed on the basis of MATLAB-SIMULINK packages. This library could be used for modelling of all power plant types (Conventional Power Plants, Combined Cycle Power Plants, etc.) based on the following modules: Coal Pulverized Combustion Chamber, Drum Boilers, Once-Through Boilers, Fluidized Bed Boilers, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Synchronous Generators, Induction Machines, Induction Generators, Substations and Elements of Power Systems. The “distributed control system” is also emulated in the MATLAB-SIMULINK.


Keywords: First principle models, library EnergySIM, power plants & systems, training and engineering simulators.


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Dynamic Behaviour of Differentially Steered Mobile Robot

Dušek, F., Honc, D., Sharma, R.

This article is aimed at obtaining a description of the behaviour of an ideal differentially steered drive system (mobile robot) and planar motion. The mathematical dynamic model describing the motion (speed and direction) of one robot’s point is created based on the first principles approach. The trajectory of this point is converted to trajectories of wheel contact points with the plane of motion. The dynamic behaviour of motors and chassis, form of coupling between motors and wheels and basic geometric dimensions are taken into account. The resulting trajectory depends on the supply voltage of both drive motors. The dynamic model will be used for design and verification of a robot’s motion control in MATLAB / SIMULINK simulation environment.


Keywords: Dynamic system modelling, intelligent control, mobile robot.


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