ISSN 1805-3386

April 6, 2020


2014 No.4

Stresses of an electric motor frame

Vondřich, J.

The aim of the research was to apply modal analysis method to investigate the vibration processes of an electric motor in transient states. Transient states can occur, e.g. in the case of the DC motor driving by a voltage step or at sudden loss of the synchronous motor load. Mechanical impacts are transmitted through the frame of the motor and from the motor feet to the base plate.


Keywords: DC motor, modal analysis, motor frame, mechanical impact.


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Mechanical Stress Distribution within a Cylinder Shape Winding

Stauber, J., Bezděkovský, J., Pacholíček, P.

The article treats assessment of the mechanical stress distribution within a cylinder shape coil using analytical method.


Keywords: Windings, tangential stress, radial stress, magnetic field, flux density, thick-wall vessel, rotating disk, boundary conditions, superconductive coil.


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Remote Control and Synchronization of a Stepper Motor

Červa, M., Černohorský, J.

The aim of this diploma project was to create a remote synchronization of a stepper motor. The project covers whole development including installation, commissioning and programming. The software implementation is made in several tasks via PLC open. The remote visualization is available too. The software was created in the Automation Studio developmentenvironment.


Keywords: Motion control, PLC open, stepper motor, Automation Studio.


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New Efficiency Monitoring and Control Technology Using Synchrophasors

Popelka, A., Vybíralík, F., Juřík, D.

In this paper we describe the synchrophasor-based WAM technology particularly with regard to usage in distribution networks. The information contained here comes out from experience with deployment and operation of the WAM system in distribution companies in the Czech Republic.


Keywords: Wide Area Monitoring, PMU, Synchrophasor.


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A 6DOF Motion Platform with Permanent Magnet Linear Motors

Thöndel, E.

The paper deals with the modelling and simulation of a six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) motion platform with permanent magnet linear actuators. The notion and structure of a 6DOF platform (a.k.a. Stewart platform) is well known. The main aim of this paper is to find and describe a suitable solution for applications requiring high dynamics and position accuracy. For this reason, permanent magnet linear actuators, characterized by their high dynamics and accuracy, have been used – despite their still considerable (albeit gradually decreasing) price tag per unit of power. Furthermore this paper develops a mathematical model to be later employed for the scaling and design of the platform controls.


Keywords: Motion platform, linear actuator, permanent magnet synchronous motor, kinematic transformation, control.


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Modelling of Electric Vehicle Dynamics using dSpace DS1103

Haubert, T., Hlinovský, T., Mindl, P.

This article deals with a dynamic model of the electric vehicle. The model is created in the MATLAB/Simulink and respects electric drive efficiency, traction battery charging/discharging efficiency and limited battery capacity. The model is prepared for uploading into the dSpace DS1103 development hardware and it creates at the same time the real-time system for modelling the electric vehicle dynamics. This system will allow connection with the 80 kW dynamometer for the real energy flow in the electric vehicle. This system will be a part of a complex system for the electric vehicle optimal control.


Keywords: Electric vehicle, optimal control, modelling, MATLAB/Simulink.


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